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Nevada Cancer Institute

Dear Scott,

It was a pleasure to speak with you. As I told you on the phone, I was struck by a drunk driver on New Year's eve 2000. I was thrown 87 feet. My right leg was fractured in six places. My left hip was shattered and my right hip was fractured in two places and my left arm was nearly torn off. My clavicle was so damaged that I had to have my clavicle totally rebuilt. Since 2000 I have had 27 separate surgeries. As a professional golfer who loves to play I have learned to play in pain.

The playing in pain is doable for me but the after round pain has torn me down and made my life miserable. The after round pain is so intense I have tried everything for it - pain pills from Vicodin to Oxcycontin and every kind of topical ointment and cream, both prescription and over the counter. I have even tried horse liniment used to treat race horses. And I have had so much cortisone injected into my shoulder, elbow, hip and right wrist that my cardiologist ordered my orthopedist not to inject me with any more cortisone. And that was the only thing that offered me any true relief. Then two weeks ago I had an opportunity to try Cellmedics Pain Cream at a golf outing. Thanks to Russ Cochran. And for the first time in years without a cortisone shot I had no pain after the round. LET ME REPEAT; I HAD NO PAIN AFTER THE ROUND!

To me Cellmedics is an absolute miracle. I want to tell the world about this magical cream. As I told you, I am willing to get on a bicyle and pedal all over the country getting people to try this just once. My wife saw my reaction and my after round condition after using it just once and she was shocked. At first, she was sure I had found some feel good doctor who had given me a cortisone shot. But she came to believe me when she couldn't find an injection site which on me always has a telltale red swelling around the injection site. Cellmedics is fantastic. IT WORKED FOR ME.

Scott, I will do anything to promote this product because it worked for me and nothing other than cortisone injection ever has. Please feel free to use this letter, my name, and you can even give out my phone number if people want to talk to me.


Tony Monziotti