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Patented Topical & Transdermal Drug Delivery Platform for Hard-to-Deliver Molecules

Enhanced Drug Bioavailability in Target Tissue Results in a Greater Therapeutic Effect

CellMedics, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) is a specialty biopharmaceutical company with a strong patent and intellectual property portfolio focused on the research and development of an advanced arthritis & pain cream and other transdermal therapeutic products. The CellMedics Deep Tissue Delivery System™ is a patented vehicle cream designed to enhance deep percutaneous penetration and significantly increase drug bioavailability in target tissue. Drug delivery is targeted locally into site-specific tissue or systemically into the bloodstream. Data from pharmacokinetic studies show that CellMedics® patented topical and transdermal cream formulations can be safer and more effective than oral dosing (pills) for many drugs; and significantly more bioavailable than standard creams, gels and patches. Systemic bioavailability has been achieved with hard-to-deliver molecules including therapeutic proteins and biologics. Any drug (including generics) administered in the patented CellMedics drug delivery cream is a patented formulation. This new drug delivery platform has the potential to be the preferred method for the administration of many drugs - particularly those that cause adverse effects in the stomach and liver when taken orally, and drugs that are administered intravenously. CellMedics is focused on developing licensing partnerships with global consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical companies as well as direct selling our own branded OTC pain relief cream, consumer healthcare products and skincare procucts. All of our products are patented.



Prolonged use of oral pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and naproxen are associated with harmful gastrointestinal side effects, which range from mild stomach pain to serious ulceration and bleeding and can cause damage to the liver and kidneys. The new patented CellMedics® Pain Relief Cream with Deep Tissue Delivery Technology  may be a safer more effective alternative to oral painkillers.



Made with capsaicin, Harpagophytum, bromelain, MSM and other ingredients that support pain-relieving & anti-inflammatory effects, our patented deep tissue delivery system is designed to enhance deep percutaneous penetration into muscles & joints for optimal pain relief.



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"I was in two car accidents and have injuries to my L2, L3, and L4 and my S1. In the past I've had epidurals, taken about every prescription pain medicine which does not help and I also don't like taking pain medicine and used about every over-the-counter cream with no luck. When my friend George gave me your pain cream, I was using it maybe one or two times a day and that would relieve the pain for me sometimes for another full day or two before I'd have to reapply. This is unbelievable relief. Thank you so much for making it possible for myself and my friend to have your pain cream, it has worked better than anything I've ever used."
—Rose Politte

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