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CellMedics, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) is a specialty biopharmaceutical company with multiple composition of matter patents for topical and transdermal drug delivery systems & therapeutics with enhanced bioavailability for hard-to-deliver molecules including proteins and biologics. Drug delivery is targeted locally into site-specific tissues or systemically into the bloodstream. Any drug (including generics) administered in CellMedics' patented transdermal drug delivery cream is a patented formulation. It's a disruptive platform technology giving us a competitive advantage in the $2 trillion pharmaceutical drug delivery market (source: Market and Markets).

A Competitive Advantage

The absorption of drugs through the skin and its subsequent deep tissue delivery is a complex process. Current topical dosage forms such as standard creams, gels and patches have had skin penetration limitations. The CellMedics patented vehicle cream is designed to optimize deep tissue penetration kinetics by maximizing drug flux, providing controlled continuous delivery of drugs directly through skin and nails into target tissue while minimizing adverse side effects. Promising results have been achieved with drug molecules that have been difficult to deliver topically including: hydrophilic, insoluble/poorly soluble, unstable, charged molecules and small proteins/peptides.

First-Pass Metabolism From Oral Dosing: Problems with Drug Bioavailability and Adverse Effects

Advantages of Topical Cream vs. Pills

• Avoids first-pass GI and hepatic metabolism reducing the incidence and severity of adverse side effects in the stomach & liver.
• Provides for consistent control of drug absorption.
• Therapeutic blood levels are achieved with lower absorbed dosages.
• Improved patient compliance.
• Ability to deliver drugs more selectively to a specific site.
• Reduced exposure to undesirable metabolites.

Advantages of Topical Cream vs. Patches

• Can deliver drugs with larger molecular weights and higher daily dosage requirements.
• No limitations related to poor patch adhesion or discomfort.
• Improved patient compliance.

Advantages of Topical Cream vs. Inhalers & Nasal Sprays

• Improved patient compliance via greater ease of use and less discomfort.
• Less severe side effects with a cream - reactions in the lungs (inhalers) or nasal passages (nasal sprays) can affect breathing.

Dear Scott,
Thanks for keeping me in mind I know you are busy. I really appreciate your level of concern with my injury. Your product has helped me unbelievably and given me relief in order to perform at the highest level. I've been through so many products, and yours has definitely given me the best results. Instead of feeling like I am fighting a losing battle, your product has enabled me to help overcome the tendonitis in my elbow. Congrats on your successes with helping people overcome chronic pain.

Russ Cochran — 5-Time Winner on the PGA Champions Tour

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